Virginia French Teachers – Ongoing Education

Virginia French Teachers – Ongoing Education


FREN 425


Synchronous Online Course
Tuesday Evenings 7:00-9:40 PM
Jan. 16 to Apr. 30, 2024


Spring 2024 Content:
This online course provides an opportunity to access online French media with topics that appeal to Virginia teachers and their students. Read articles, watch videos, engage in discussions in Zoom breakout groups, engage in conversations with international partners, and do a PowerPoint presentation. Topics will focus especially on France and French-speaking countries:

Current Events

Climate Change

Environmental Issues

Renewable Energies

Social Justice

Connections between Virginia and the U.S. and the French-speaking world


A final project option will include the preparation of lesson plan materials that you may eventually use with your own textbooks or course materials. You will have an opportunity to discuss options for integrating the media at various class levels with other teachers and with the instructor, Dr. Patricia Cummins, who is both a certified teacher and a former editor of ACTFL’s journal Foreign Language Annals. International partners will come from France, West Africa, and North Africa.

For those who have not taken courses at VCU as a graduate student, you may contact the Graduate School and explore information at You can be admitted as a special student if you are simply taking courses and/or working toward certification or recertification.

For more information about the course, please contact Dr. Cummins at

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