Executive Board, Advisory Committee, and Affiliates

Executive Board, Advisory Committee, and Affiliates

Below you will find a list of FLAVA leadership. We welcome feedback from our members; if you would like to contact the FLAVA leadership team, please use the website contact form. Additionally, FLAVA encourages members to volunteer. If you would like to volunteer, please use the contact form.

Executive Board:

  • President: Sue Robertson                                          
  • President Elect: Dick Kuettner 
  • Communications Coordinator: Heidi Trude 
  • Treasurer: Margaret Hicks                                                                     
  • Conference Chair: JoAna Smith                                                                                
  • Immediate Past President: Dick Kuettner 

Advisory Committee:

  • Advocacy Chair: Dick Kuettner 
  • Historian: Shirley Hall

  • Membership Chair: Andrea Machesney 

  • Nominations Chair: Linda Fowler-Jones

  • Parliamentarian: Thomas Sones

  • Professional Development Chair: Karin Woodrum 

  • Recognition & Awards Chair: Jennifer Thomas

  • Webmaster: Angela Gunder 

  • Website Editor: Allison Carneiro da Silva

Vision Team Committees (Non-Conference):

  • Advocacy Committee Chair: Dick Kuettner 
    • Assistant to the Advocacy Committee Chair: Anja Moore 

  • Membership Committee Chair: Andrea Machesney 
  • Mentor Program Chair: Martha Davis
    • Assistant to the Mentor Program Chair: Catherine Mazzola
  • New Initiatives Committee Chair: Sherry Oelkers 
  • Professional Development Committee Chair: Karin Woodrum   
  • Recognition & Awards Chair: Jennifer Thomas

Vision Team Assistants to the Conference Committee Chair

  • Conference Committee Chair, JoAna Smith
    • Assistant to the Conference Chair: Keisha Baylor
  • Affiliates Liaison: Ruth Ferree 
  • Exhibits Chair: Paloma Sugg 

  • Assistant to the Exhibits Chair: Phil Yutzy 

  • Presenters Liaison: Angela Rose

  • Registration Chair: Patricia Orozco Watrel 

  • Sponsors Chair: Catherine Mazzola 


    • Virginia Department of Education: Lisa Harris 
    • Virginia Organization of World Language Supervisors: Jennifer Carson 
    • Community College Representative: Lama Hamdan
    • American Association of Teachers of French: Marsha Taylor
    • American Association of Teachers of German: Andrea Machesney
    • American Association of Teachers of Slavic and Eastern European Languages: TBD
    • American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese: Debbie Sommer
    • Classical Association of Virginia: Liane Houghtalin 
    • Chinese Language Teachers Association: Tina Kao 
    • Mid-Atlantic Association of Teachers of Japanese: Noriko Otsuka VanKeuren and Tomoko Hoogenboom
    • Virginia Dual Language Educational Network (VADLEN): Beatrix Preusse-Burr
    • Mid-Atlantic Association of Language Learning Technology: Sharon Scinicariello 
  • National Network for Early Language Learning:  Ann Noack

Note: E-Mail can be addressed to the entire FLAVA Executive BoD by sending to bod@flavaweb.org

Please contact these people if you have comments, ideas, suggestions that might make FLAVA a stronger organization than it is now. FLAVA always seeks volunteers from its members.

Last Updated: 12 June 2019