Executive Board and Advisory Council

Executive Board and Advisory Council

Below you will find a list of FLAVA leadership. We welcome feedback from our members; if you would like to contact the FLAVA leadership team, please use the website contact form. Additionally, FLAVA encourages members to volunteer. If you would like to volunteer, please use the contact form.


Executive Board:

President: Eric Jaworski

President-Elect: Beth Marshall

Immediate Past President: Heidi Trude

Communications Coordinator: Holly Fitterer

Treasurer: Kathryn Murphy-Judy

Conference Coordinator: Virginia Kibler


FLAVA Advisory Council, Appointed Positions:

Historian: Shirley Hall

Mentor Program Chair: Shane Goodpasture

Parliamentarian: Jen Carson

Webmaster: Angela Gunder

Website Editor: Diana Erazo

FLAVA Advisory Council, Standing Committees:

Advocacy Committee Chair: Sharon Scinicariello

Finance Committee Chair: Kathryn Murphy-Judy

Membership Committee Chair: Lisa Fore

Nominations Committee Chair: Thomas Sones

Recognition and Awards Committee Chair: Kelly Arble

Teacher Education and Professional Development Committee Chair: Jen Carson

Conference Committee:

Exhibitor Chair: Cherie Duma

Presenter Liaison: Sue Robertson

Affiliates Liaison: Dali Tan

Volunteer Coordinator: Aliea Lewis


FLAVA Advisory Council, Affiliates:

Virginia Department of Education: Lisa Harris

Virginia Organization of World Language Supervisors: Stephanie Stockman

Community College Representative: Cristina Sparks-Early

American Association of Teachers of French: Marsha Taylor

American Association of Teachers of German: Andrea Machesney

American Association of Teachers of Slavic and Eastern European Languages: TBD

American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese: TBD

Classical Association of Virginia: Amy Cohen

Chinese Language Teachers Association: Qian Su

Mid-Atlantic Association of Teachers of Japanese: Kyoko Vaughan

Virginia Dual Language Educational Network: Bettina Staudt & Lucy Montalvo

Mid-Atlantic Association of Language Learning Technology: Jeffrey Samuels

National Network for Early Language Learning: Glenda De Hoyos

Global Virginia: Tom Haines



Note: Need to contact an Executive Board Member or an Advisory Council member for a particular reason? Please feel free to do so using our Contact form. We welcome your comments and suggestions. You can always put your suggestions into action by volunteering for FLAVA as well.


Last Updated: January 14, 2024