Good News at the End of the General Assembly



Greetings, FLAVA Members!




Both chambers of the General Assembly adjourned their regular sessions today a bit after 5 p.m. It was a long day, but SB 1052, a good bill on teacher licensure, passed with only a very minor correction of its wording late in the afternoon. In other words, Delegate Davis’s proposed amendment to alter the diploma system in Virginia was killed in the conference committee. Thanks to all of you who wrote and called both in opposition to HB 2341 and to the amendment to SB 1052. Because of your advocacy, the Advanced Studies Diploma has survived intact for another year. Congratulations on your hard work.


We all owe thanks to our colleague JoAna Smith, who alerted us Friday afternoon about the proposed change to SB 1052. We cannot know what happened in the conference committee, but we do know that Senator Hashmi argued against the amendment. FLAVA will thank her and the other delegates and senators who have supported world languages. Please thank the people you contacted as well.




Sharon Scinicariello
FLAVA Advocacy Chair




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