2018 Awards Recipients

FLAVA would like to congratulate all of our 2018 award winners and honorees.

David Cox FLAVA Excellence in Teaching K-12 Award

Eric Jaworski is the winner of the 2018 David Cox FLAVA Excellence in Teaching K-12 Award. Eric is the Department Chairman and a Spanish teacher at Ocean Lakes High School in Virginia Beach. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Old Dominion University and his M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction from Averett University. Some of Eric’s honors include OLHS Distinguished Teacher Award, 2014-15, Recipient of the OLHS I-Make-A-Difference Award, 2012, OLHS Student Cooperative Association (SCA) Teacher of the Quarter, 2006. He was featured in VBCPS blog, Kaleidoscope, March 2009, Volume 18, No.6 for FL Week NATO presentation at OLHS and recognized in cover story of The Beacon, section of Virginian-Pilot newspaper, November 18, 2004.

One of Eric’s students stated, “Mr. Jaworski is highly committed to his students. He helps students reach the maximum of their capabilities or their “ceiling” as he says and he pushes them to do more and gives them advice on how to improve”. Eric’s assistant principal remarks that “Mr. Jaworski demonstrates the highest level of professional commitment and skill in his work with students and colleagues”.

Eric has presented many workshops at professional conferences and at his school. He is a member of ACTFL, AATSP, and FLAVA. Congratulations Eric!


Helen Warriner-Burke FLAVA Distinguished Service Award


Catherine Mazzola is the winner of the 2018 Helen Warriner-Burke FLAVA Distinguished Service Award. Catherine teaches French at Midlothian High School in Chesterfield County. She received her degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. She served as the 2017 French Academy Director and has been recognized as the Midlothian High School Employee of the Month. Catherine enjoys sponsoring international trips for her students and showcasing her students work.

One of Catherine’s colleagues and the parent of a former student stated “Catherine is a highly committed professional and an extremely competent and gifted teacher. She has much first hand experience in French language and francophone culture, having lived in France and francophone areas from birth until her early adolescence. This life experience has given her much upon which to draw for her teaching and her professional activities”.

Catherine has served on the AATF-VA Executive Board, has served a full term as the FLAVA Secretary and has been the Director of the VA Governor’s French Academy for the past three years.. Before serving as the director, she taught at the Academy for two years. Congratulations Catherine!


FLAVA Outstanding Post-Secondary Language Learner

Grace McIntire is the recipient of the FLAVA Outstanding Post-Secondary Language Learner Award. Grace is a Latin student at Randolph-Macon College and is currently completing an Education minor with a goal of receiving K-12 certification as a Latin teacher. She is a member of Eta Sigma Phi spearheading a Latin tutor program in local high schools. She participates in the National Junior Classical League and has served as Resident Assistant at the Virginia Governor’s Latin Academy. One of her professors stated “her kindness, humility and talent are unmatched, and she will be an absolutely incredible leader in Virginia for Latin pedagogy in the years to come”. Congratulations to Grace!


Friend of FLAVA

The Japan Foundation Los Angeles is an institution dedicated to cultivating friendship and ties between Japan and the world through culture, language, and dialogue. JFLA has contributed to the growth of the Japanese language through Japanese Language Education Project grants which have enabled the MAATJ to invite speakers, host sessions, and encourage participation at FLAVA fall conferences among new members.

Another major contribution from JFLA is the assistance to the multi-state advocacy project, J-CAN (Japanese Core-Practice Articulation/Advocacy Network). Thanks to the generous support of JFLA, representatives from four teachers’ organizations from Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, and Virginia, including MAATJ, were able to meet face-to-face to share their knowledge and expertise to work towards the common goal of promoting articulation in Japanese language education at Old Dominion University in July 2016. The outcomes were presented at ACTFL 2016 and several J-CAN related workshops and sessions were offered at FLAVA 2016. As J-CAN empower and energize Japanese teachers in our area, we are expecting more J-CAN related presentations at future FLAVA conferences.

Congratulations Japan Foundation Los Angeles on being named 2018 Friend of FLAVA!