Workshops – School Year 2023-2024

Take a look below to learn about the workshops of the 2023-2024 School year. Each workshop has a unique registration link; see below. Once you register, you will receive an emailed link to the Zoom session a day or two before the workshop. Previous workshop presentations for the current year are individually archived below so you can view and review at your leisure; access by clicking on Presentation. Archived presentations from previous years are located on a separate web page. Each workshop provides one hour of credit toward license recertification; you must register and attend the session to request a certificate of attendance.


Input-First and Meaning-Based: Rethinking our Approach to Grammar

With Catherine Ritz Ed.D., Clinical Associate Professor and Director of the World Language Education and Curriculum and Teaching Programs at Boston University’s Wheelock College of Education and Human Development


Wednesday, September 20, 2023 (4:30PM – 5:30PM)



Teaching for proficiency means teaching grammar in context with an input-first and meaning-based approach. For many teachers, what this actually means is a mystery! In this webinar, we’ll draw from input processing instruction, the PACE model, and other input-first strategies so that you can support your students in understanding and using grammar in context. We will look at numerous concrete classroom examples to see these strategies in practice to help you develop your own material.



Presenter Bio: Catherine Ritz, Ed.D. is a Clinical Associate Professor and Director of the World Language Education and Curriculum and Teaching programs at Boston University’s Wheelock College of Education and Human Development. Prior to joining BU, Catherine taught French and Spanish at the secondary level for many years, and holds National Board Certification in French. Catherine has served on the boards of MAFLA and NECTFL, and was the AATF Vice President (2020-2022). She is the author of two books: “Leading Your World Language Program: Strategies for Design and Supervision, Even If You Don’t Speak the Language!” (Routledge, 2021) and “Proficiency-Based Instruction: Input and Interaction in World Language Education” (ACTFL, 2022) with Christina Toro.



SOCIAL MEDIA: @ritzworldlang (Twitter & Instagram)

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LGBTQIAP+ Inclusion in Our World Language Classrooms and Curricula

With Rosalyn Rhodes, Spanish Teacher at Caramel Middle School in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, Virginia.


Tuesday, October 24, 2023 (5:30PM – 6:30PM)



Imagine going to language class where the family unit is based on a family that doesn’t look like yours, learning to describe yourself knowing gendered descriptions don’t fit you, or being afraid to say “My girlfriend is pretty” because nowhere have you seen female couples in an academic setting. LGBTQIAP+ students’ lives have long been underrepresented or even absent from curriculum and classroom materials. Join me as I share my personal and professional journey towards more inclusive practices, and together we can reflect on the need for and barriers to the inclusion of LGBTQIAP+ materials, and take steps to incorporate LGBTQIAP+ images and resources into units we already teach.



Presenter Bio: Rosalyn Rhodes is a Spanish teacher in her 19th year of teaching, with experience spanning every grade level K through 12 in a variety of school settings. She began her career in a K-5 classroom, and says she owes the development of her teaching skill to those years in early Lang. She is currently in her 9th year teaching in Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools where she now teaches at Carmel Middle School, and is the WL Master teacher, working with a district-wide PLN she created to support teacher development. She has also been an instructional lead, curriculum writer, and program director for multiple summer STARTALK teacher training and language immersion programs. Rose was the FLANC K-12 teacher of the year in 2015, and has continued to share her resources and love of WL classroom teaching through presentations across the country.


SOCIAL MEDIA: @spanish_rhodes website:

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Calendar Routine in The World Language Class Collaborative

With Glenda de Hoyos, Spanish Teacher/World Languages Department Chair at The Langley School in McLean, Virginia


Thursday, November 9, 2023 (5:30PM – 6:30PM)


Gather with us to check in. Did you implement a calendar routine this year with your students? Have you seen the benefits of implementing this small but
consistent routine? Let’s discuss challenges and successes together. If you stick with it, the benefits of this routine will compound, resulting in significant gains in language proficiency and social-emotional learning.


Presenter Bio: Glenda De Hoyos is a native of Puerto Rico and a passionate educator who was honored as the 2023 GWATFL Teacher of the Year. Throughout her 15 year career, Glenda has been committed to creating inspiring, meaningful, and joyous activities that motivate students to thrive and become life-long learners. She teaches Spanish in grades preschool through 2nd grade and is the World Languages Department Chair at The Langley School in McLean, Virginia.


SOCIAL MEDIA: @glendadehoyos (Twitter) / @ilearn_iteach (Instagram)


Self-care is not selfish! Incorporating SEL in your life and your WL class

With Christen Campbell, French Teacher at Chapel Hill High School in North Carolina.


Tuesday, December 5, 2023 (5:30PM – 6:30PM)



Mental health has a direct impact on student learning, whether we’re referring to our own mental health or that of our students’. Yet, how do we do more when we’re already doing so much? This session aims to give practical strategies to effortlessly incorporate more SEL strategies into your World Language classroom.



Presenter Bio: Christen Campbell is a French teacher at Chapel Hill High School in North Carolina where she has been teaching for 15 years. She holds a M.A. in French from Middlebury College and is a National Board Certified Teacher. In 2021, she was selected as the Teacher of the Year for the Foreign Language Association of North Carolina, a finalist for her district Teacher of the Year, and the 2015 AATF North Carolina Teacher of the Year. She co- authored a chapter in How We Take Action: Social Justice in PreK-16 Language Classrooms (2023), and contributed to The Anti-racist World Language Classroom (Hines-Gaither, K and Accilien, C. 2022). She consults for College Board, Vista Higher Learning, and presents annually at ACTFL’s national convention.

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Let’s Get Out There- Engaging our students with their Communities

With NECTFL Teacher of the Year, Trudy Anderson


Wednesday, January 10, 2024 at 4:30 PM


We will explore ways to use the ACTFL Communities standards to engage
students and present them with real world opportunities to use their acquired language skills.
We will look at ways to make world languages more visible in schools and how community
resources can aid in language learning. Examples will be provided on how learners can use
their language skills in their communities and beyond.


Presenter Bio: Trudy Anderson, a native of Jamaica, is in her 32nd year of teaching at Nathan Hale School in New Haven Connecticut. She believes that she has found her niche in teaching middle school. Trudy believes in the importance of teaching her students to be curious about other peoples and their cultures and to bravely investigate other perspectives in order to prepare them for life in a multicultural, interconnected world. She enjoys introducing students to new experiences that will keep them interested in studying the language. Trudy is passionate about mentoring and collaborating with colleagues, especially new teachers and currently co-facilitates the CT COLT Networking Fellowship which helps veteran and newer teachers collaborate and grow together. She has been a Yale New Haven Teachers Institute Fellow and is a regular presenter at local, state and national conferences. She currently serves as a board member of the PEARLL Educator Advisory Board. Trudy is the 2021 CT COLT Teacher of the Year and the 2022 NECTFL Teacher of the Year. Trudy was also one of five finalists in the 2022 ACTFL Teacher of the Year.


SOCIAL MEDIA: @trudyaanderson (Twitter/X)


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Learning to unlearn: A testimony around Inclusive Non-Binary Language in Spanish classes

With National powerhouse, Abelardo Almazán-Vázquez


Tuesday, February 13, 2024 at 4:30 PM


How have gendered languages molded our perception of identities? How can people from historically resilient groups re-write how they want to be officially recognized (e.g., Chicanx or Latine)? This webinar will discuss the urgency of creating safe and affirming spaces for our trans/nonbinary/genderfluid students, especially in world language classes with gendered vocabulary and grammar. Join us to learn how you can create intentional materials that transgress the prescriptivist notions of “masculine/feminine.” Examples will be in Spanish but are applicable to all gendered languages.


Presenter Bio: Abelardo Almazán-Vázquez is in his 13th year teaching Spanish, currently coaching an all-gender soccer team, teaching Latin Dances, and World Language Department Head at The Putney School. A native of Cuernavaca México, he pursued his Licenciatura in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language at Universidad Internacional UNINTER and his Master’s in Latin American Studies at Cleveland State University. He has presented at various WL conferences, including “Best of Massachusetts” for MaFLA2018, co-founder of the MCTLC (Minnesota Council of Teaching Languages and Cultures) 2020 “BIPOC/Immigrant” strand, featured session presenter at the NECTFL 2021 Conference, the Keynote speaker for the GWATFL (The Greater Washington Association of Teachers of Foreign Language) 2021 Spring Conference, and the Keynote speaker for VFLA (Vermont Foreign Language Association) 2023 Spring Conference.




@abelardoalmazanv | Linktree

Abelardo Almazán-Vázquez (@AbelardoAlmazan) / X (

Abelardo Almazán-Vázquez – Language Department Chair, Spanish teacher, Latin Dance Instructor – The Putney School | LinkedIn


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Reading is FUNdamental

With Lynne Hedrick


Tuesday, March, 5, 2024 at 5:00 PM


Reading is FUNdamental will explore why we must read in our world language classrooms and how we can make it more engaging and fun for everyone. We’ll look at pre and post-reading strategies as well as exploring current resources.


Presenter Bio: Frau Hendrick is a dynamic and creative world language educator who was recognized in 2022 by the AATG-Virginia Chapter, winning the Ronald Horwege Award for Outstanding Service. Lynne shares her passion for comprehensible input strategies as co-founder, organizer, and presenter at the annual EdCampCIVa conference.


SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram @LMHgirls Facebook: Lynne Reddinger Hendrick

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With 2023 ACTFL Teacher of the Year, William Lee


Tuesday, April 16, 2024 at 5:30 PM via Zoom


In this session, we will focus on how to leverage technology tools such as AI, Breakout EDU, GooseChase, Gimkit, Quizziz, Kahoot!, etc. to help all language learners build proficiency in world language classrooms. In addition, we will also look at some non-technology based activities that you can implement in your classroom to build excitement!


Presenter Bio: William Lee is starting his 24th year as a Latin educator, during which time he has taught every level of middle and high school Latin from level 1/2A to AP. Throughout his career, he has earned many distinctions including 2021 Texas Foreign Language Association (TFLA) Teacher of the Year, 2022 Southwest Conference on Language Teaching (SWCOLT) Teacher of the Year, and most notably, 2023 ACTFL National Language Teacher of the Year. William’s service to the profession is equally distinguished; he has served 10 years as Communications Chair, National Committee Secretary, and Certamen Chair for the National Junior Classical League, and three years as the Chair of American Classical League’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. William teaches at Alamo Heights Junior School and High School in San Antonio, Texas and serves as Vice-President of TFLA, Vice-President of Texas Classical Association, as one of the State Co-Chairs of the Texas State Junior Classical League, and as one of four high school teachers on the College Board AP Latin Development Committee.



SOCIAL MEDIA: @MagisterLee (Twitter/X)

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Creating an Inclusive Classroom

With Ada Morley, French Teacher in Virginia Beach, Virginia.


Thursday, May 9, 2024 (4:30pm – 5:30pm) via Zoom


Learn how to create an inclusive environment into your classroom. Students feeling safe enough to show their true self is a difficult task, especially in today’s social and political climate. I will provide you with tips on how to create that environment where all students are included and able to express themselves and others while being respectful. You will learn how to normalize the use of inclusive writing/speaking and how to provide scaffolding for all students.


Presenter Bio: Ada Morley is a French teacher and World Language Department Lead in Virginia Beach. She is an early adopter of cutting edge educational initiatives including deskless classrooms, experiential learning, and non-binary language.


SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: @MmeMorley Twitter: @MmeMORLEY @khsfrench (class site) @KHSFrench1 (class page)

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