Message from the President – Dec 2021

Message from the President – Dec 2021

Hello, FLAVA.
Before I exit stage right (never stage left), I wanted to share a few things with you.

1. How much I have enjoyed working with you and how much I appreciate that you have entrusted me to care for FLAVA as the organization’s president twice now. Remember the beautifully ornate platter I was presented as a keepsake during the October conference? For those of you who did not get a good look at the platter (and even if you did), I wanted to share a photo of it as it sits on the credenza in the entry of our home near Lexington. Someone said, “Wow, the perfect place.” I would say that’s pretty accurate.

2. Here are some things that FLAVA is able to take with it as time moves forward.

a. A very anticipated spring conference which has been held since its inception at Washington and Lee University.

b. A professional development program known as the Foreign Language Teachers Workshop Series© which many across the States have come to emulate over these last years. We started doing workshops via the Internet long before it became a trend and is being done now out of necessity.

c. An expanding video mentor program that will connect newcomers with those that aren’t quite so new, all for the purpose of providing answers to those questions often asked by language educators early on in their careers. When asked to share your expertise, please do, so others will profit from your mentoring.

d. A newly devised membership initiative that understands what FLAVA needs for expanding its member base while clarifying and redefining both the organization’s mission and vision. Committee members will be calling upon you for involvement in this initiative. Just say, “Yes.” It’s imperative that we act vigorously on this.

e. A very active and unremitting advocacy movement for the recognition of, preservation of, and protection of world language education as we know it should be. I dare anyone to challenge us!

In closing, I say thanks to the Executive Board for its involvement and dedication; to the Advisory Council with its Standing Committees, its Appointed Positions, and its Affiliates for their continued support and enlightenment; and a very special thanks to all FLAVA members who are the owners of the organization and who should stand firm in ensuring that FLAVA’s mission and vision are maintained as defined.

It is break time. To that end, I say recoup, stay healthy, have happy holidays and a joyous Christmas season.

As always, my best to you.

Dick Kuettner, President
Foreign Language Association of Virginia

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