Important FLAVA Updates

Important FLAVA Updates

Hello, FLAVA.

This message has four very important points. Please read, as all four relate to you!

1. The 2021 Fall Conference Proposal deadline is fast approaching. Have you submitted your proposal? Please do so here. Sharing your thoughts and demonstrating your strategies are key to someone’s success in the world language classroom. The submission deadline is midnight on June 15, 2021. Should you have questions, please contact Patricia Orozco, FLAVA Conference Coordinator at

2. FLAVA elections for the Executive Board positions of President-elect and Communications Coordinator will take place in September and early October 2021. Do you have someone you would like to see be a candidate for either of these positions? Would YOU like to be one of those candidates? The Nominations Committee under the leadership of Linda Fowler-Jones is taking nominations until midnight on July 15, 2021. Go here to nominate yourself or to nominate others! You will hear more from Linda later.

3. Membership…where the key to success lies in any organization. I am pleased to announce that Lisa Fore, World Language Department Head in Washington County and Vice President for the Virginia Organization of World Language Supervisors (VOWLS), has accepted my offer to head FLAVA’s Membership Committee. Lisa has proposed many ideas for working with members to enrich their FLAVA experiences. One of her first tasks will be to define the mission and establish a mission statement for the Membership Committee. She does not want to do it alone, however. She will need input from every one of you. So, when she requests that you contribute, please make it a point to do so. Check your email for messages from Lisa.

4. Mentoring is oftentimes crucial for the triumph of the classroom teacher. The guidance and encouragement we receive help us to know ourselves better, thereby leading us to new levels in professional growth. Dr. Martha Davis, Mentor Program Committee chair, and members of her committee, will allow all of us to achieve new heights with the Committee’s new service of Mentor Videos. This is where you can help! First, go here and take a quick survey on topics you feel should be included among the Mentor Videos. The deadline for completing the Mentor Survey is midnight on June 30, 2021. Then, when asked, record a mentor video on a topic that interests you and where you excel. You can contact Martha at should you have any questions. Be on the look out for more guidance from Martha.

Have any plans for the summer months? Why not make points 1 – 4 a part of your summer fun!

Take care,


Dick Kuettner

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