URGENT: Oppose SB 323 NOW!

URGENT: Oppose SB 323 NOW!

Last week several FLAVA members attended the Senate Education and Health committee to oppose SB 323, which would “permit students who are pursuing an advanced studies diploma to substitute two standard units of credit in computer science for two standard units of credit in a foreign language.” Unfortunately, this bill was not heard in committee last week.

However, SB 323 is on the docket for the Public Education subcommittee on Thursday, January 16. The subcommittee meets “30 minutes after adjournment” in Subcommittee Room 2 on the fifth floor of the Pocahontas Building. I have contacted Senator Hashmi’s office about a more precise time and will post that information as soon as I can. If you can come to oppose this bill in person, please contact me at sscinicariello@gmail.com.

FLAVA is asking everyone to write to the Education and Health committee senators to oppose this bill. If you sent letters last week, you may have missed the new members of this committee. The current members are Senators Lucas (Chair), Saslaw, Howell, Newman, Locke, Barker, Petersen, Cosgrove, Lewis, Dunnavant, Suetterlein, Peake, Edwards, Chafin, and Hashmi. Senators Hashmi, Edwards, and Chafin are new.

The Public Education subcommittee members are Senators Hashmi (Chair), Howell, Locke, Dunnavant, and Peake. Please write and call their offices–linked to their names–before Thursday.

If you don’t know what to say/write, FLAVA has an Advocacy folder with resources, including letters others have sent and a template for phone calls to legislators. It is located at bit.ly/FLAVAadvocacy.

We also encourage you to post your opposition to Senate Bill 323 on your social media account using the hashtag #DefeatSB323 and tag the bill’s patron and Senate committee members.

Please contact the senators now! And start contacting your delegates as well about the importance of support for foreign language requirements. HB 1123 also promotes the substitution of computer science for foreign languages. (More on that to follow.) Find your legislators here.

Support world languages now!

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