Temporary Spanish Position in Goochland Open Immediately

Temporary Spanish Position in Goochland Open Immediately

Temporary job starting Monday, April 8, and going through at least mid-May with potential to be all of May if available.

Ms Exum will provide detailed plans and as many help sessions beforehand and by phone during the time as needed!

Goochland High is about 30 minutes west of Richmond. Teacher hours for this position are 8AM-3:30PM. There are six classes to teach, distributed as three 90-minute classes per day, and classes meet on alternating days. There is a 90-minute planning period every day, as well as a 25-minute lunch.

Classes include:
three sections of lower level Spanish (very small classes, good kids, more like level II, but called Spanish III)
two sections of advanced levels (IV/V) (also small classes of all honors students)
one section of honors level 1 (small class of all honors)

If you have anyone who might be able to do this, please let Ms Exum know. We appreciate any leads you might be able to facilitate, and Ms Exum is available anytime for questions and help! Please email here, or call/text 941-224-2209.

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