Study Abroad in Spain

Study Abroad in Spain

Dear Professors, Study Abroad Departments, and Agents,
We wish you a wonderful and fruitful beginning to your academic courses. We have the pleasure of sending you information about our new:
University Program TSE-CESUGA University College in A Coruña, Spain.

With our University Program, you can study in up to 5 courses in CESUGA University College. You will be able to choose your courses from any off the different fields of study that the university offers, such as Business, Architecture, Marketing, or Communication (In English or Spanish language).

You will have the option of complementing your studies with a Professional Internship,carefully chosen according to the student’s interests and experience. Depending on the profile and the Spanish level of the student, the internship can be developed in a great number of companies of different sectors (Business, International Marketing, Health, Hospitality, Tourism, Fashion, Education, Industry, Technology, etc.).
All of this is combined with Spanish reinforcement classes (from the initial to the advanced levels).

TSE-CESUGA University College will transfer the academic credits of all of the courses and the Spanish classes to Universities throughout the world.

Attached we are sending all of the information about this program for your study, and we are at your full disposal to clarify whatever doubts or to expand on any details.

Download all the details of the program here: TSE-CESUGA University Program
Download the list of degrees and courses: CESUGA Degrees and courses

With Greetings From Spain:

Mario de Antonio Franck – International Relations Director
True Spanish Experience

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