Virginia Beach Spanish Spelling Bee

Virginia Beach Spanish Spelling Bee

The Foreign Languages and Literatures Department sponsored its first Spanish Spelling Bee Competition on April 9, 2016 from 9:00 am- 12:00 pm. This initiative brought together high school students from the Hampton Roads area and the ODU community to promote foreign language education as well as to offer high school students a firsthand experience with campus life.

The event included 3 levels of competition and a series of workshops, includSpelling bee 08 ing pronunciation, talks with students majoring and minoring in Spanish, study abroad information, and conversations with native speakers. Cash prizes ranging from $75 to $25 were awarded for first, second and third place for the different categories. In addition, students were able to participate in a raffle for two gift certificates to a local Mexican restaurant while teachers also had a raffle for one free membership to FLAVA (Foreign Language Association of Virginia). Also, and in appreciation for their dedication, teachers attending the competition received a tote bag with school supplies.

FLAVA, HLEA (Hispanic Latino Employee Association), HLU (Hispanos Latinos Unidos), NATO, Santillana Publishing Company, Virginia Beach City Public Schools, and VISTA Higher Learning Publishing Company were the sponsors that provided prizes, volunteers and supplies for the competition.

We are excited to offer the event next year with even more levels and categories and we look forward to seeing more students from the Hampton Roads area participating!

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