Mead Leadership Fellowships with Support from SANS, Inc. (From Sue Robertson)

Mead Leadership Fellowships with Support from SANS, Inc. (From Sue Robertson)

Dear Colleagues,

Please read below about an exciting opportunity: the Mead fellowships by NECTFL. What an exciting way to receive funding for a special project that would benefit all language teachers!

FLAVA must receive your application by Monday, November 16th! Please follow the directions below and send completed applications to Sue Robertson at If you cannot access the application with the link below, please go to NECTFL’s website to awards in order to obtain the application.

Sue Robertson


Mead Leadership Fellowships with Support from SANS, Inc.

About the Award

This scholarship is provided to support an individual in the development of a project that contributes to the foreign language teaching profession and advances quality language instruction. The Mead program was created to develop future leaders for the profession at the state, regional, and national levels. It is supported in part by SANS, Inc., and we are grateful to the company for their contributions to our profession and to NECTFL.

Educators of ALL LANGUAGES at ALL LEVELS are encouraged to apply to this program, designed to identify potential leaders in education and to support the development of their potential. Each scholarship recipient will be assigned a mentor with expertise in the area of that person’s project, and NECTFL will facilitate virtual and, if possible, face-to-face meetings of the two.

How to Apply

We apologize for the tighter timeline this year due to earlier conference. Please see the application packet for complete details.

  • Applications must be submitted to NECTFL by a state association and must therefore be received by the state association’s posted deadline. Applications must be submitted to state associations by Monday, November 16
  • State associations are requested to select their winner and submit his or her dossier to NECTFL by Tuesday,December 1. Dossiers should be shared electronically via Google Drive or Dropbox with

Mead Fellowship Program Flyer

Download Application Packet

Individuals should send their dossier to their state association, not directly with NECTFL.

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