A Survey to Get You Started

In order to better serve the professional development needs of our world language educators, please respond to a brief survey from the Virginia Department of Education.

The survey will ask you to identify your professional development goals based on the Teacher Effectiveness for Language Learning (TELL) domains and criteria.  Your answers are anonymous and will be used to help determine what professional development topics FLAVA will be offering to its members.  More information about the TELL project is available by clicking the icon below.

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The Workshop Series for FLAVA Members

The Foreign Language Teachers Workshop Series (FLTWS) continues across the Commonwealth in an effort to provide useful, professional development opportunities to as many Virginia world language educators as possible. The FLTWS is partnered with the Foreign Language Association of Virginia (FLAVA) through its Professional Development Network (PDN).  See below for topics, speakers, and locations.

As is always the case, the FLAVA/FLTWS workshops can be used for receiving points toward K-12 teacher certification renewal at the discretion of the local school division with the presentation of the certificates which participants receive after each workshop. For those at the post-secondary level in their teaching, participation in these workshops indicates a desire for self-improvement.  Recognition of such by college and university administrators is congruent with necessary supplementary faculty activity and can be used in the reporting process.

All workshops originate at Washington and Lee University (W&L) in Lexington, Virginia, and are broadcasted live via the Internet to numerous host schools and divisions across the state. These locations are known as FLAVA/FLTWS workshop host sites.  Each host site has a volunteer instructor who is a logistical coordinator and is an extension to the workshop leader at the broadcast location.

Register below for FLAVA professional development workshops and remember that all workshops take place from 4:00 – 6:00 PM on the date designated.

Workshop 1: All Things Considered: Language Classroom Edition
14 October 2014
Workshop Leaders: Khadijah Luqman and Alice Ann Mahoney. Click here to evaluate the workshop.

Workshop 2: Skills-Centric Teaching
13 November 2014 
Workshop Leader:  Warren Warsaw

Workshop 3: Score Big with Strong Language Goals
12 February 2015 
Workshop Leader: Marleny Perdomo. Click here to evaluate the workshop.

Workshop 4: Setting and Monitoring Learning Targets:  Getting Educators and Learners on the Same Page
19 March 2015 
Workshop Leader: Paul Sandrock

In addition to these FLAVA workshops, the membership will also be able to participate in two Blended Learning workshops sponsored by the Associated Colleges of the South (ACS, )  Listed below is what the ACS is making available to us.

ACS World Language Workshop – A Blended Learning Approach, Vocabulary Development
20 October 2014
4:30 – 6:00 PM
Workshop Leader: Dr. Doreen Ewert, University of San Francisco

Note: These workshops will only be visible at pre-determined Host Sites, as some Sites have time conflicts.  Participating Host Sites are Bedford, Blacksburg, Harrisonburg, Longwood, Randolph-Macon, Richmond, Roanoke, Washington and Lee, and Williamsburg.   If your regular Host Site is not among this group, contact your Host Site Manager requesting participation.

Workshop Descriptions

Workshop 1

All Things Considered: Language Classroom Edition
Are you struggling with staying in the target language? Are you tired of the same bell-ringer? Are you having difficulty transitioning between activities? Do you have five minutes that you need to fill? After attending this hands-on workshop, you will walk away with procedures, resources, and activities for staying in the target language, anticipatory sets, making transitions, and lesson closure. 

About the Presenters, Khadijah Luqman & Alice Ann Mahoney 
Khadijah Luqman is Spanish teacher at LC Bird High School in Chesterfield, VA. During her 10 years at LC Bird she has taught all levels of Spanish, and is currently teaching levels II, IV, V and AP Spanish Language. Khadijah received her Bachelor's degree in Communications and Ethnic Studies from Mills College in Oakland, CA and her Masters degree in International Education from the School for International Training in Vermont. She is currently working on a Masters in School Counseling. She is a member of of the AATSP and the sponsor of her school's Spanish Honor Society. 

Alice Ann Mahoney, originally from Roanoke, Virginia, studied Spanish and Philosophy as an undergraduate at Virginia Tech. She graduated and decided to stay for her Master's in Foreign Language Education. After graduating magna cum laude last year, she began teaching at Lloyd C. Bird High School, levels Spanish II and III. This year she is teaching I and III and continues her own professional development as Coordinator of the Poster Contest for the Virginia Chapter of ACTFL, Technology liaison for LLoyd C. Bird World Languages, and sponsor for the Spanish Club.

Workshop 2

Skills-Centric Teaching
Verb conjugations. Vocabulary lists. Memorized dialogues. Throw them all out! Teaching a language is all about giving students skills for today's world. Whether accessing materials online or traveling internationally, students expect to know how to navigate in the language. They want to be able to read newspaper articles, understand radio programs, write coherent e-mails, and engage in authentic conversations. To that end, teachers need to rethink how they teach. A skills-centric approach helps students quickly and confidently decode what they hear and read, and to write and speak in real-life situations. The workshop will move quickly from the theoretical to the practical. Handouts will be given. Read excerpts in different languages, listen to podcasts in French, and invent stories spawned by a photograph. 

About the Presenter, Warren Warsaw
With an M.A. in French from Middlebury College, Warren has been teaching French for 24 years, 18 of which at Norfolk Academy where he teaches levels 3,4 and 5. In addition to his Norfolk Academy work, he is an adjunct professor at Old Dominion University and Tidewater Community College. For the last 13 years he has been a Table Leader for the Advanced Placement Examination in French Language and Culture.  In 2002 he started an exchange program with a school in Neuilly, France where, each year, 20 students spend two weeks with French families. In addition, each fall a few juniors are afforded the chance to spend 3 months as an exchange student at that school..

Workshop 3

Score Big with Strong Language Goals

Workshop Description: Writing language objectives is an essential component of effective instruction, yet many times this step is not fully addressed in lesson planning and development to ensure the best language experience for the students. This hands-on workshop will focus on developing language outcomes for listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The participants will develop their own goals that they can use in instruction the 
next day. 

About the presenter, Marleny Perdomo

Marleny Perdomo is the World Languages Supervisor for the Arlington Public Schools in Arlington, Virginia. Prior to this assignment, Ms. Perdomo worked as the Foreign Language Specialist for Arlington County Public Schools. Ms. Perdomo has spent over 19 years in the field of foreign language and Immersion education. Ms. Perdomo is a native Spanish speaker, also speaks French and has studied German and Japanese.

Ms. Perdomo holds master’s degrees both in education and international relations, an endorsement in administration and supervision in Virginia, and 15 years of teaching experience elementary through college. Ms. Perdomo holds Virginia state teaching certifications as elementary classroom teacher (grades 3-6), English as a Second Language (PreK-12), Spanish (PreK-12) and administrative certification for school principal and curriculum supervisor (PreK-12).

As the Supervisor for World Languages in the Arlington Public Schools for four years she is responsible for programs K-12 in dual language immersion, elementary and secondary world language instruction, and summer programs such as STARTALK. She supervises the central staff in the department, advises principals and world language teachers regarding world language programs and their effectiveness, conducts
numerous professional development sessions during the year and summer, and manages the implementation of summer and FLES programs. She collaborates with principals, collects and analyzes data for program evaluation, recruits teachers, and leads the preparation of curriculum materials.

Workshop 4

Setting and Monitoring Learning Targets:  Getting Educators and Learners on the Same Page

How do I know if I am making progress?  This question is on the minds of educators and learners.  In this workshop, connect the dots between the Proficiency Guidelines, Can-Do Statements, and Performance Assessments in each unit of instruction.   Build understanding of the key characteristics of novice, intermediate, and advanced ranges of performance to create more effective learning experiences and assessments.  Use this understanding to frame learning targets and guide classroom instruction and assessment.

About the presenter, Paul Sandrock 

Paul Sandrock, Director of Education at the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), directs this national organization’s professional development and initiatives around standards, curriculum, instruction, and performance assessment. Previously, Paul was Assistant Director of Content and Learning at the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) , coordinating the areas of English language arts, mathematics, international education, and world languages. He earlier served as the DPI state-wide consultant for world languages. Paul taught Spanish for 16 years in middle school and high school and authored The Keys to Assessing Language Performance and Planning Curriculum for Learning World Languages.  Paul previously served ACTFL as a board member and president and received ACTFL’s Florence Steiner Award for Leadership in Foreign Language Education, K-12. 

Register for Workshops

Select below the workshop(s) and host site location of your choice. Contact workshop host site managers for additional information concerning location and materials. While these workshops are free of charge to you, they constitute much preparation on the parts of the presenters, coordinators, and host site managers. If you register, please make every effort to attend.

If you have any difficulties registering for the workshops, please contact or