President’s Message – 19 March 2020


President’s Message – 19 March 2020

With the uncertainty of things, I felt compelled to write to check on your status and wanted to find out if there is anything that FLAVA can do for you in these times of transition and questions.  We are all in this together so that means mutual support in an organization and as a WL family.

Maybe you noticed that we have included on the FLAVA home page (bottom under LATEST NEWS) helpful hints, suggestions, and resources supplied to us all through the VDOE (Helpful Information from Virtual Virginia) and through VOWLS, NADSFL, and NDSSFL (World Language Resources during School Closures).  Cheerful thanks for their willingness to share this valuable information.  If others of you have ideas, suggestions, or key resources other than these and would be willing for FLAVA to help you distribute, please contact me directly.

FLAVA is moving forward despite several setbacks beyond our control, and we are all looking excitedly to the fall FLAVA conference in Williamsburg.  If you are planning on presenting or leading a workshop, remember to submit your proposal.  The present deadline is 25 March 2020, i.e. within a week’s time.  The proposal form is up and ready to be completed by YOU…because, as I stated earlier this month, every world language teacher in Virginia has a voice and should be heard.

I am still looking to fill a couple of positions on the Advisory Council.  If you are interested in volunteering and have the time to make a commitment, please let me know.  We also need committee workers, individuals to help with our membership drive, and those who are experts in social media and other communication skills.  Don’t be bashful; opportunities of this nature can help drive your professional growth and career.

Enough for now.

Keep your distance.  Wash your hands.  Smile and stay calm.  But offer a virtual helping hand if needed.

My best to you all.

Dick Kuettner
President, Foreign Language Association of Virginia

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