Workshop Descriptions

The FLAVA Workshop Series has gone virtual! Take a look below to learn about our upcoming workshops. Then register here. You will receive an emailed link to the Zoom session before the workshop.

Talk With Me!

With Amber Moore, Ocean Lakes High School (Virginia Beach City Public Schools)

Thursday, March 17, 2022  (4PM – 5PM) via Zoom


As we know, students can be chatty. This often disrupts teachers’ lesson plans. What if you could turn your students’ talking into effective lessons? What if the disruptions could become productive discussions? As a practicing teacher, I have learned how to let my students lead and guide our curriculum. When students are able to talk about what they’re interested in you will see immediate engagement amongst even the most apathetic learner. In this session, I am going to share ways in which I have gained student interest, converted their interests into Can-Do statements and made my lessons applicable to students’ lives in the real world. It’s time to get them talking!

Zoom Video Presentation

Presenter Bio:  Amber Moore is a dynamic and innovative instructor, who currently teaches Spanish I and III at Ocean Lakes High School in Virginia Beach. Previously, she taught learners of both English and Spanish in Ohio and has presented at the annual Conference of the Ohio Foreign Language Association (OFLA). Ms. Moore has a proven track record of motivating and engaging her students by personalizing their learning.

See, Think, Collaborate, and Make

With Ángels Natal Asensio, Oakton High School (Fairfax County Public Schools)

Thursday, April 21, 2022 (4PM – 5PM) via Zoom


How can we make language acquisition meaningful and memorable? Project Zero thinking routines support differentiated instruction and language acquisition at all levels. Starting with a social-emotional thinking routine to set us in the disposition to learn together, you will experience the power of thinking routines as you see, think, collaborate, and make. You will be inspired to plan meaningful and memorable experiences for your language students. Please, have aluminum foil, tape or a stapler, cardboard, and/or recyclable items from around your house handy to participate.

Slide Deck Presentation

Zoom Video Presentation

Presenter Bio: Ángels Natal Asensio is an engaging, seasoned presenter of interactive sessions in both English and Spanish. She presents frequently on the topic of Project Zero thinking routines, most recently for the Embassy of Spain. A native of Barcelona, Ms. Natal Asensio teaches Spanish at Oakton High School in Fairfax County Public Schools.