2015 Handouts and Slides

Below you will find the slides and handouts from presenters who have submitted materials from their session at the 2015 conference.

  Session and Presenter Name(s) Materials
Coaching for Communication: Moving Students from Novice to Intermediate
Linda Egnatz

C’S the Day: Planning to Connect and Communicate Through Culture
Linda Egnatz

Docs, Drive, and Chromebooks: Oh My!!!
Heidi Trude, Heidi Trude

Docs, Drive, and Chromebooks Presentation

E-portfolios Experiences in French and Chinese
Karen James, Ran Zhao

Explore the World with Google Cultural Institute
Heidi Trude

Explore the World with Google Cultural Institute Presentation

Grammar in the Communicative Classroom: Friend or Foe?
Monica Mulholland

Nuestro Blog

It's your turn: Using Small Group Games as Gateways to Interpersonal Communication
Ruth Ferrree

Let's Get Phappy with Foreign Language
Cheryl Phillips, Lida Lowe

Going Ape for Apps

Look Who's Talking! Promoting and Assessing Oral Language
Lisa Hand, Heather Snyder

Presentation Slides on Google Slides

Panel on Less Commonly Taught Languages
Kathryn Murphy-Judy, Meriem Bacha, Thomas Sones, Natalia Boykova

LCTL Panel

Partenariat Suisse
Kathryn Murphy-Judy, Lisa Harris, Jennifer Carson, Heidi Trude

Google Slides for the Partenariat Suisse Presentation

Partenariat Suisse
Kathryn Murphy-Judy, Lisa Harris, Jennifer Carson, Heidi Trude

LCTL Panel

Rubric or not and relevant technology
Peng Yu

The Basics of Rubrics by Penn State

Types of Rubrics by Utah Valley University

Guide to Scoring Rubrics by Open Colleges
Short but sweet: Using short films for conversation, composition, and cultural exploration
Hilary Raymond

Show Your Best Work: E-portfolios for Teachers and Students
Frances Garwood

E-portfolio Presentation

Smartboard Activities and Games to "Smarten" Your Class
Wendy S. Stuck

Spontaneous Speaking Through Scenarios: Designing and Implementing Activities to Promote Meaningful Interpersonal Communication
Lily Anne Goetz, Annette Waggoner

Teaching Mandarin Phonetics
Yi Zhou

The Best of ACL and NJCl
Jessica Junker, Sue Robertson

The Best of ACL and NJCL Google Drive Folder

The Sixth & Seventh C's: Creativity & Collaboration
Heather Steinmiller, Najoua Benothmane

Three Modes of Communication Online
Kathryn Murphy-Judy, Betsy Louis, Brianne Moore-Adams

3 Modes of Communication Online

You've Got Mail! Parental Involvement Throughout a Positive Communication
Elvia Navarro

You've Got Mail: Parental Involvement Throughout a Positive Communication
Elvia Navarro

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