Volunteer Vision Team

We are thrilled to have a great team of volunteers who are enthusiastically devoted to the organization’s well being! See below those individuals who have willingly volunteered their time.

Vision Team Committees (Non-Conference):

  • Communications and Social Media Chair: Heidi Trude
  • Advocacy Committee Chair: Gimara Richards
  • Assistant to the Advocacy Committee Chair: TBD
  • Website Editor: Thomas Sones
  • Assistant to the Web Editor (Mentor): Kathryn Murphy-Judy
  • Awards Committee Chair: Karen Heist
  • Professional Development Committee Chair: Bettina Staudt
  • Membership Committee Chair: Bethea Garcia
  • Assistant to the Membership Committee Chair: Patricia Orozco Watrel

Vision Team Assistants to the Conference Committee Chair:

  • Ruth Ferree
  • Andrea Machesney
  • Phil Yutzy
  • Paloma Sugg