Beyond Languages: 2020 FLAVA Conference

Beyond Languages: 2020 FLAVA Conference

Hello FLAVA!
I hope this brief message finds you in good spirits and health.  These times are truly “different,” aren’t they?
I write to remind you that registration is open for the FLAVA fall 2020 online conference to be held in your study at home, your classroom at work, or on your device between one stop and another.
Yes. Registration is open.  Yes. There will be live sessions, but there will also be pre-recorded sessions.  Yes. There will be a keynote speaker.  Yes. Teachers will be recognized for their many accomplishments.
We are about six weeks away from the conference dates of October 9 and 10, 2020.  The finalized program will soon be online for you to review.  And while we wait, I encourage you to go to the FLAVA site and register for what will be a truly intellectually stimulating online experience.
Here are two things to consider as you prepare to register.  (1)  The Conference Committee needs tech savvy volunteers to commandeer the various sessions.  Conference Coordinator, Patricia Orozco, will be providing the details soon.  If you are interested, you can write me directly or contact any member of the Conference Committee while we wait for more details.  (2)  Why not encourage a colleague to attend FLAVA with you?  Find colleagues that aren’t familiar with FLAVA and bring them into our fold of language educator professionals.  It will make you feel good!
So, what good came from this message?  Register, Volunteer, and Recruit!  Those are the orders for the day.
Talk to you soon.

Most sincerely,
Dick  Kuettner
President, Foreign Language Association of Virginia

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