Latest Advocacy Update: 31 January 2020


HB 1123 is on the agenda for the House SOL and SOQ Subcommittee on Monday, February 3, at 7 a.m


We need to take action immediately to oppose this bill, which would “Provide for the substitution of computer coding course credit for any foreign language course credit required to graduate with a standard or advanced diploma for children with disabilities, as defined in § 22.1-21.3.  In other words, students with any disability could replace any world language requirement with computer coding for the standard and advanced diploma.  This legislation diminishes the importance of world language education and disadvantages all of Virginia’s students.


As you know, world language educators and computer professionals maintain that computer coding, although an important skill, cannot teach the same essential skills as world language instruction.  In addition, we believe that world language instruction benefits all students, and there is research to support this belief.


Therefore, we are asking that you contact the Patron of HB 1123, Delegate Glenn Davis, and ask that he withdraw this bill.  The bill has been assigned to the SOL and SOQ Subcommittee of the House Education Committee.  Please contact these sub-committee and committee members as soon as possible to oppose this bill.   Click on the committee links or on the names listed at the end of this message for contact information. (email addresses below as well) Stress the value of world language instruction for all students.  We also encourage you to post your opposition to House Bill 1123 on your social media account using the hashtag #DefeatHB1123 and tag the bill’s patron and House Education Committee members.


We also need people to come to the House subcommittee and committee meetings to oppose this bill.  If you can be in Richmond early on Monday morning, please contact Sharon at  (The subcommittee meets at 7 a.m.; the committee meets at 9 a.m. Monday and 8 a.m. Wednesday.)


FLAVA is asking everyone to write to oppose this legislation. Please write to the Delegates of the Education Subcommittee for SOLs and SOQs in the Virginia House of Delegates to oppose HB1123 from patron Davis. Computer coding is not the equivalent of a world language, and the legislators must recognize this. Your voice matters!


What does FLAVA stand for?

FLAVA believes that all students can learn a world language.

We believe that coding and computer science are important but do not replace world language, as they are different. One cannot replace the other for graduation requirements.

FLAVA believes in preparing students to fit the profile of a VA graduate, as outlined by the VA DoE, and to give students the means to prepare for a college education if that is what they choose. Removing world language requirements for graduation can put these in jeopardy.


Contact legislators to support WL legislation!

If you don’t know what to say/write, FLAVA has an Advocacy folder with resources, including letters others have sent and a template for phone calls to legislators.  It is located at


We also encourage you to post on your social media accounts and tag the bill’s patron and Education Committee members.


Find your legislators here.


Senate Education and Health Committee:

Lucas (Chair),










The following members are ALSO on the Public Education Subcommittee:

Hashmi (Chair)






House Education Committee

Tyler (Chair),

Guzman (Vice Chair),






Cole, J.G.,


Cole, M.L.,






The following members are ALSO on the SOL & SOQ Education Subcommittee:

VanValkenburg, (chair)










Join us to stand up for WL legislation!

We need people to come to the meetings and speak about this legislation.  If you can go to the GA to speak, please contact Sharon Scinicariello at  (If you do plan to come, feel free to bring refreshments and work/reading material in case there is a wait.)


The Senate subcommittee meets “30 minutes after adjournment” in Subcommittee Room 2 on the fifth floor of the Pocahontas Building.


The House subcommittee meets at 7 a.m.; the committee meets at 9 a.m. Monday and 8 a.m. Wednesday in the House Committee Room of the Pocahontas Building.


The Senate session begins at noon and can be adjourned at any time so the committee could start any time after 12:30.


It may seem intimidating but you can do this! Check out the GA page for information on public entrances, security procedures, cafe location, and more. There is street parking and there are many garages in the area.



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