From the President

December 17, 2014

Dear FLAVA Colleagues and Friends,

Please take a moment to read the following correspondence from ACTFL and let our legislators know that languages matter! With your help, we can urge our legislators to adopt a Biliteracy Seal for the State of Virginia. Click on the links below to read the full text of the proposed bill, and to send a message to our State Lower Chamber Representatives:

Urge Your State Representative to Support House Bill 1351

The time has come! House Bill 1351 has been pre-filed and will be offered on January 14th. Now is the time to advocate for the bill and specifically for the language that best expresses our intention to award a seal to students who demonstrate mastery of academic language in English and another world language. Measures of actual proficiency rather than grades or seat time are critical to ensure that this is a meaningful tool to celebrate a student’s language skills while accurately communicating proficiency to higher education and prospective employers.

Read the full text of the proposed legislation. Most importantly, the legislation as proposed sets forth recommendations including grades and specific testing measures.

Please advocate for simplified language which will allow us time to give recommendations from the task force for the criteria.

Thank you for your support of language education!